Sunday, 18 March 2018

Day of the Dead

Altardediademuertos.jpgDay of the dead is a holiday that starts on Friday the 2nd of November and ends on the 31st on October. It is a Mexican holiday and celebrates ancestors. It is celebrated mainly in the Central and south parts of Mexico. There are creations of altars to remember the dead.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Displaying IMG_0445.JPGAt the moment in science we have been learning about the pH scale. We have learnt about  Anthocyanin solution, acids and bases. that was our first lesson. Our second lesson was making a spectrum of colours. Our most recent lesson was making rockets with diluted acetic Acid (White vinegar) and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Baking soda). For the case to put it in we used old film canisters. Some of our safety lessons that we have learned have been: Listen ad follow all instructions, Stop and Think: What will happen if I do this, Work with others : Respect everyone and the equipment.

Independent Variables
Dependent variables
Controlled Variables
Lemon Juice
Citric Acid
Baking Soda

Anthocyanin Solution
(Red cabbage water)
No shaking
Same clean container
Same temperature
Same amount of

Fair testing:
I think that fair testing is a test that is fair. For example if I did a test twice. In one I added lots of vinegar and in the other a tiny amount of lemon juice. It would look like the vinegar is more acidic

Monday, 12 February 2018

Today is Shrove Tuesday. To celebrate this we did pancake flipping. We had to run to the hula hoops flip the pancake and run back. We did it in relays. Shrove Tuesday is the day before ash Wednesday. It was a day when everyone threw out all the sweet foods like flour, sugar and cake.

Thursday, 8 February 2018


Image result for eiffel tower
France is the largest country in Western Europe and one of the most beautiful countries in the world. France is bordered by Spain, Italy, The Pyrenees Mountains, The Alps Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium.  France is famous for its food, fashion and wine. Not to mention the Famous Eiffel tower. 

Important colours on the French Flag.
White is the traditional colour of the Bourbon family, which ruled France in the 16th Century AD until the French Revolution (1798). White is the colour of the Virgin Mary, it is also the colour of Joan of Arc, who drove the English from the kingdom of France in the 15th century. The red and blue in the French flag are the colours of Paris. It was under a blue and red banner that stormed Bastille in 1789, which overthrew the Bourbon empire.

Fun Facts About France

  • The capital city of France is Paris.
  • France has 212,394 square miles of land.
  • 63,821,000 people live in France.
  • Most people in France are Christian.
  • France has a multiparty democracy.
  • The currency France uses is Euro.
  • People in France can expect to live for 78 years

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Hōne Heke

1. When was Te Tiriti o Waitangi signed?

 The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840. There was 9 sheets and over 500 Māori signed. The places that they were signed were:

  • Sheet 1 — The Waitangi 
  • Sheet 2 — The Manukau-Kāwhia 
  • Sheet 3 — The Waikato-Manukau  (the only sheet written in English)
  • Sheet 4 — The Printed 
  • Sheet 5 — The Tauranga 
  • Sheet 6 — The Bay of Plenty (Fedarb) 
  • Sheet 7 — The Herald (Bunbury) 
  • Sheet 8 — The Cook Strait (Henry Williams) 
  • Sheet 9 — The East Coast (Turanga)

2. What is the biggest difference between the text of The Treaty of Waitangi in English, and Te Tiriti o Waitangi in te reo?

The biggest difference is that in the English version of the treaty is that it had the word 'sovereignty.' Sovereignty had no translation in Māori so the translaters changed the word to governance which is kawanatanga.

5. Select one habit of mind which Hōne Heke demonstrated. Describe in detail how he showed that habit of mind, supporting your view with at least one quotation. 

Trash Setting

At the moment we are doing a novel study. The novel we are studying is called Trash and is written by Andy Mulligan. Trash was published in 2010 and was made into a movie in 2014. 74% of people like the book and 88% of people like the movie. The movie Trash is set in Brazil and the book in an unnamed Third World country. I would definitely recommend it. This is my slide deck for the setting of Trash.

Day of the Dead

Day of the dead is a holiday that starts on Friday the 2nd of November and ends on the 31st on October. It is a Mexican holiday and celebrat...